Our Products:

  • Flax
  • Chickpeas
  • Hard Red Spring Wheat
  • Durum
  • Large Green Lentils
  • Red Lentils

All Canadian Grain



A New Generation of Farming


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From Our Farm to Your Door

It’s important to know what you"re buying. All Canadian Grain specializes in the production of chickpeas, lentils, flax, durum, yellow peas, and hard red spring wheat.  Located in southwest Saskatchewan, All Canadian Grain enjoys a unique growing environment to consistently produce quality grains year after year.

We store our inventory in aerated bins with temperature and moisture probes. We also have a grain dryer on site for managing moisture levels of the product in the event of wet harvest conditions.

All Canadian Grain enjoys the benefits of shipping via rail or truck. We take pride in shipping to our customers in a timely fashion.

Harvest generally begins in August and is completed by early October. First to come in are lentils, followed by wheat, durum, flax and chickpeas.

Our Top 5 Summer Annual Crops 

We wanted you all to know about the crops we have on hand for you this season. With so much hustle and bustle it might be hard to find who's growing what. But, not to worry, because we’ve taken the time to list our top 6 commodities.

All Canadian Grain uses zero till technology to maximize soil carbon residue and moisture preservation.